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Isobutyric anhydride

[ Product name ] Isobutyric anhydride
[ English name ] Isobutyric anhydride
[ Chinese alias ] 2-Methylpropionic anhydride; 
2-methylpropanoic anhydride
[ Structural Formula ] 

[ CAS NO. ] 97-72-3

[ Molecular Formula ] C8H14O3

[ Molecular Weight ] 158.195

[ Use ] Used as intermediates in organic synthetic

[ Appearance ] colorless liquid
[ Boiling point ] 185-187°C 
[ Relative density ] 0.951 
[ Flash point ] 59.4°C

Isobutyric anhydride in the pharmaceutical industry, food industry and other fields as an important chemical raw materials (intermediate) is widely used. The manufacturing gallbladder contrast agents, sucrose acetate isobutyrate ester, isobutyrate spice and other products. Our production of the product has 12 years of history, product quality and foreign well-known products comparable products have been exported to the EU, Japan and other countries and regions.




As a growth agent and preparation of ISO butyrate, as well organic synthesis intermediates. In the pharmaceution industry, food industry and other fields widely used. Such as gallbladder contrast agent, acetic acid, sucrose ester, ISO butyrate and other products.

Product Description:

Density: 0.95g/cm3

Melting point: -53°C

Boiling point: 182°C at 760mmHg

Flash point: 59°C

Solubility: soluble in water, soluble in ethanol, ether

Danger signs: 8(corrosive liquid)

Quality indicators:

Appearance Colorless and transparent liquid, a pungent smell
Content % ≥98.5
Color(Pt-Co), Max ≤60
Isobutyrate % ≤1
Acety % ≤0.5
Acetic acid % ≤0.3


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